Infographic Ireland - Who is using Google Analytics?
Written by Christophe Bernigaud   
Monday, 04 June 2012 13:58

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool / software using first party cookies and JavaScript code. Wikipedia defines 'web analytics' as the "the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data [which is] often done without the permission or knowledge of the user". I wonder how that works with Google's Transparency report ?

Every day, Google confirms its supremacy in various strategic online fields. Last week, Google Chrome is confirmed to have become the most used web browser . Google is THE worldwide largest search engine. Google is the worldwide largest advertising platform (more cookies). Google owns the worldwide largest video platform, etc...

@ Target Online Marketing we chose to survey and look at the least spoke about and most under-estimated tool from the Google' arsenal: Google Analytics. We gathered pertinent & accurate data via our partner W3Techs (they provide information about the usage of various types of technologies on the web) and we asked them to provide us with Google Analytics usage statistics. Here are a few key points for June 2012:

  • Google Analytics is installed on 55.8 per cent of all websites worldwide
  • Google owns over 81 per cent of the global web analytics market, the second largest web analytics software providers - LiveInternet (Russia) - owns 5.4 per cent of the global market and 4.1 per cent for the third largest market player, CNZZ (China)
  • Iraq is the country where Google Analytics is used the least with 3.4 per cent
  • Macedonia is the country where Google Analytics is installed the most
  • Asia is the only region of the world with a Google Analytics usage below 50 per cent with 43.5 per cent
  • Ireland (where Google has its EMEA HQ) uses Google Analytics @ 78 per cent
  • under a third of all .mobi websites use Google Analytics as a web analytics tool - 29.4 per cent to be precise
  • just under two third newly created .xxx TLD websites uses Google Analytics - with 62.2% (would there be a link to Google strategically expanding the Internet domain space ?)

See below further data sets we hope you will enjoy digging through like we did!


Who is using Google Analytics in 2012

<a title="Infographic Ireland - Who is using Google Analytics? " href="/en/blog/203-infographic-ireland-who-is-using-google-analytics.html" target="_blank"><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="/images/stories/Who_is_using_Google_Analytics_2012.png" alt="Who is using Google Analytics in 2012" height="1532" width="450" /></a>




Remember to review your website legal information (privacy policy, cookies technology usage, copyrights, etc) so you are in conformity with your country laws and regulations and please share the infographic above with your community!



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