Infographics Design Ireland - Valentine's day fun facts around the world
Written by Christophe Bernigaud   

"Valentine's Day is worth £1.3 Billion to UK Retailers" according to the British Retail Consortium. This is big business worldwide!

The most popular gift remains flowers representing 58% of the Valentine's Day purchases for a total value of £262 million. Red roses remain the most popular flower, 21 million roses are sold in the UK.

As for the USA, it is a $16 billion market. A company like 1-800-Flowers hires 6,000 extra workers to handle his one million new Valentine's Day customers. Victoria's Secret takes the main share of the $1.6 billion US consumers spend on clothing for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day is not just the largest post Christmas and New Year worldwide event we all love. It is also a time of the year where depending on the local culture, people take time to care to show their feeling the beloved one or to their family and friends! Eleven percent of Americans will say "yes" on Valentine's day! Getting hitched on the most romantic day of the year still makes sense.'s infographic on Valentine's day fun facts worldwide.

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